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What is ezisay?

Ezisay is a unique, device friendly survey software tool that allows your business to capture, track, measure and report, how your customers felt, the moment they experienced your product or service.

And it’s easy to use!

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Simple, Visually Engaging,

& Omni Channel.

Built with simplicity in mind for both the user and the customer, helping you to create visually engaging, branded, multi-device-ready surveys in minutes. If you have a basic understanding of windows and can use excel or word, you'll be up and running in no time. The best part is that Ezisay requires no IT integration at all allowing you to save time and money from the start. You can view and share the results in real-time within the Ezisay dashboard or link it directly into your CRM system.


Fast, Easy & Genuine 


The easier it is for a customer to provide feedback, the more likely they are to give it – whether they are happy or angry with your product/service.

✔ Easy access     ✔ Easy to complete    ✔ Easy to understand

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Real Time, Actionable,


We help companies build a culture of accountability. This changes behaviours which drives performance and revenues.


eLert Notifications.

Drive outstanding results & behaviours with real time automated email alerts instantly notifying you of critical customer or staff issues.


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Custom Branding

Customise your surveys and emails to match your brand.

Team Collaboration

We believe in delivering real time, actionable insights about your customers and staff.


User Privledges

Your staff will only see what they need to see! Set up your surveys to match your organisation's structure from Store Manager to CEO, single site to national view.


Target Setting

Encourage healthy competition by setting response targets for your stores, managers or sales staff. 



Our unique leaderboard allows you to track performance of your staff and stores by NPS, ERS&copy (Emoticon Relationship Score) and more!


Team Updates

Set up regular emails to your team on the performance of your staff and stores by NPS and ERS.

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