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The future of online surveys

The future of online surveys Online surveys have only grown in importance since business became embedded in the Internet in the late 1990's.  Such surveys are a vital part of market research, but nothing stays the same, and the future of online surveys is important to consider as it will [...]

Overcoming barriers to customer satisfaction

Overcoming barriers to customer satisfaction Overcoming barriers to customer satisfaction is critical, particularly since all companies are in one of two positions regarding customer satisfaction. They either improve customer satisfaction by integrating customer feedback into day to day operations, or they don't. Even though it is certainly important know what [...]

Customer Experience in a Competitive World

Customer Experience in a Competitive World Customer experience is becoming increasingly important as business continues to go global and the marketing space expands. The time when competition was local, or at most national, is long gone. Business can no longer rely on being a big fish in a small pond. [...]

Creating customer satisfaction online

Creating customer satisfaction online Satisfied customers will stay with your brand, but satisfaction is more than just being happy with a product or service. In the modern online world, building customer loyalty is based as much on interaction as on action. It's important to realise that the Internet isn't really [...]

5 tips to keep customers engaged

Customers are the reason businesses exist and no business can last long if it doesn't get the attention of potential customers and keep their attention by turning them into repeat customers. Building a long term relationship requires customer engagement and there are a number of paths to keep customers engaged. [...]

Pros and cons of the Likert Scale

The first step in writing great survey questions is to know what you are looking for. Knowing what kind of data you want will go a long way in helping you formulate questions that will actually result in the data you want. For example, when would a yes or no [...]