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Five customer service skills every employee should have

By Ezisay | Apr 21, 2015

Customer service in the digital age is becoming more important than ever. This is because competition traditionally becomes more cut throat as prices rise and people are less inclined to part with their money. It isn’t always possible to beat the competition on price or even on like for like products, but there is one…

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how to build better customer service

How to build better customer service

By Ezisay | Apr 8, 2015

There are all sorts of ways to get customers, but there are only a few ways to keep customers. Keeping customers is about good customer service. The purpose of customer service is to keep customers coming back. Customer service can even be a way of generating new customers, as satisfied and happy customers tell their…

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know your customer

Different types of customers

By Ezisay | Mar 25, 2015

Most of us have had the experience of standing in line at the checkout and knowing the customer ahead of us is going to be trouble. There are all sorts of indications, from body language to the way they communicate, to the people around them. Sure enough, the trouble starts when they reach the cashier.…

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how to respond to customer feedback

How to respond to customer feedback

By Ezisay | Mar 18, 2015

Pressure is much greater on the modern executive than it was only a generation ago. The ongoing decrease in the value of money has forced business to concentrate more and more on profit, as more and more money is required to purchase less and less. Constant inflation requires that businesses cut costs to remain solvent…

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customer sentiment

Customer feedback to stay ahead of the game

By Ezisay | Mar 10, 2015

Companies all over the World are looking for a competitive edge. One of the easiest ways to create that edge is to define your company in the eyes of the consumer. Ideally, you want to define your company as synonymous with your product. An easy example of a company being synonymous with their product is…

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Getting the most out of customer feedback

By Ezisay | Feb 10, 2015

The World is fast becoming a village. People you don’t know now have more ability to affect you than ever before, and more ability to affect your company as well. There was a time, not that long ago, when there was such a person as the traveling con artist. He moved from town to town…

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Social Media Survey

Customer feedback in the Internet era

By Ezisay | Jan 27, 2015

There have been a number of learned papers written on how the Internet is changing business. And while many of these papers cover everything from Internet marketing to cloud processing, there has not been much attention on how the Internet has changed customer relations. There was a time when doing business over a large geographic…

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