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The key to customer satisfaction in modern enterprise

basics of customer satisfaction

Technology is changing the marketing landscape and immediacy of customer satisfaction as never before. The difference between today and yesterday is that previous technologies like radio and television were extensions of the existing means of communication, including newspapers and magazines. In a sense, they were simply taking technology to the next logical level. However, the…

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Understanding the Net Promoter Score

There is some confusion about what a net promoter score® actually is. Some people consider it to be the percentage of customers who would happily and willingly promote a particular company. This isn’t actually the case. The net promoter score isn’t a percentage, it’s an absolute number that’s arrived at by figuring percentages. Net Promoter…

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How to build a customer centric culture

customer centric business model

For many decades now, businesses have pretty much all sang from the same hymn booka when it came to putting customers first. We’ve all heard the songs: We only succeed when you do…The customer is always right…The customer comes first… And on and on and on it went. It’s often seemed as though there was…

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What constitutes quality customer service

customer service

Customer service in a digital age is increasingly coming under scrutiny as the years pass. One of the key drivers behind this is because in the past, quality customer service was simply assumed and every business pretty much followed the same protocols. This isn’t so true today. What Has Changed? The pressures on modern business…

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