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The key to customer satisfaction in modern enterprise

basics of customer satisfaction

Technology is changing the marketing landscape and immediacy of customer satisfaction as never before. The difference between today and yesterday is that previous technologies like radio and television were extensions of the existing means of communication, including newspapers and magazines. In a sense, they were simply taking technology to the next logical level. However, the…

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Understanding the Net Promoter Score

There is some confusion about what a net promoter score® actually is. Some people consider it to be the percentage of customers who would happily and willingly promote a particular company. This isn’t actually the case. The net promoter score isn’t a percentage, it’s an absolute number that’s arrived at by figuring percentages. Net Promoter…

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Getting the most out of customer satisfaction surveys

Customer service is an important factor in keeping any business alive. Not only does it create new customers by word of mouth, it also generates repeat business by encouraging customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction surveys can assist you in satisfying your customers by helping you identify problems and by informing you and your employees about what…

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What is customer satisfaction?

customer centricity

These two words are not new but will determine the success or failure of any business, of any size, in any industry. So what is customer satisfaction? Customer satisfaction is a measure of how products or services supplied by a business meet or exceed customer expectation. The definition of customer satisfaction, as defined in “Marketing…

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