Creating customer satisfaction online

Creating customer satisfaction online Satisfied customers will stay with your brand, but satisfaction is more than just being happy with a product or service. In the modern online world, building customer loyalty is based as much on interaction as on action. It's important to realise that the Internet isn't really [...]

5 tips to keep customers engaged

Customers are the reason businesses exist and no business can last long if it doesn't get the attention of potential customers and keep their attention by turning them into repeat customers. Building a long term relationship requires customer engagement and there are a number of paths to keep customers engaged. [...]

Pros and cons of the Likert Scale

The first step in writing great survey questions is to know what you are looking for. Knowing what kind of data you want will go a long way in helping you formulate questions that will actually result in the data you want. For example, when would a yes or no [...]

The basics of customer satisfaction

The basics of customer satisfaction The ultimate achievement in branding is when a particular brand becomes synonymous with the product itself. Two of the most successful brand labels in history are Coca Cola and McDonalds. Everyone knows that Coke refers to a particular type of soft drink and Maccas and their golden [...]

Knowing what net promoter score benchmark applies to your business

The net promoter score is regarded as an important marketing metric and practically every business leader wants to know how good their net promoter score is. The problem is that the net promoter score isn't always a black and white issue. It isn't always that easy to get accurate figures. [...]

Writing a great employee satisfaction survey

Writing a great employee satisfaction survey comes down to knowing what you want to know. This may seem rather simple at first, however, it can sometimes be difficult. Employers often don't know what to ask. Employee satisfaction versus employee engagement First off, if you are writing an employee satisfaction survey, [...]