How to build a great online survey

You may be able to make a sale by knowing what the customer wants and delivering it. But, you are far more likely to retain customer loyalty by knowing the reasons behind the customer's thoughts and opinions. And a great online survey can help to uncover customer sentiment, customer satisfaction [...]

How employee engagement improves customer service

Employee engagement is not the same as employee satisfaction, although the two are related.  An engaged employee is a person who shows enthusiasm and commitment to his or her work. Employee engagement improves customer service, and engagement means that employees have an emotional attachment to their jobs.  They want to [...]

Improving customer satisfaction through customer service

The purpose of customer service is to create a nurturing relationship with your customers - thereby improving customer satisfaction through customer service.  While this has always been so, it is now more important than ever.  The sheer choice presented to the average customer and the quality of communication available, means [...]

The key to customer satisfaction in modern enterprise

Technology is changing the marketing landscape and immediacy of customer satisfaction as never before. The difference between today and yesterday is that previous technologies like radio and television were extensions of the existing means of communication, including newspapers and magazines. In a sense, they were simply taking technology to the [...]

Understanding the Net Promoter Score

Understanding the Net Promoter Score There is some confusion about what a net promoter score® actually is. Some people consider it to be the percentage of customers who would happily and willingly promote a particular company. This isn’t actually the case. The net promoter score isn’t a percentage, it’s an [...]

Anonymous Employee Surveys – Good or Bad?

An employee survey can provide business with great insights into employee satisfaction, engagement, as well as feedback on organisational changes among other things. With so many outlets for people to share their thoughts and opinions - Facebook, Twitter as well as phone calls and catch ups with friends and family - [...]